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Tips For Buying The Perfect Dining Room Table

Whether you're setting up a whole new dining room or you want to replace your old furniture, shopping for new dining room furniture can be an overwhelming process. After all, there are so many things to consider and different varieties to choose from. Here are some table-shopping tips to help you create the dining room look you want.

Shaping Up

One of the biggest decisions that you'll have to make is in the shape of the table that you choose.

  • Round Tables – These are best in smaller dining rooms, because they make it easier for everyone to communicate comfortably and to reach items on the table. Everyone has a reasonable reach to the center of the table, so there's little need for reaching over people.
  • Rectangular Tables – These are ideal if you're trying to accommodate people in a somewhat narrow room. The shape of the table makes it easier for everyone to get around the table despite the space limitations.
  • Square Tables – These are a good choice if you typically only have four people in the house. You can even invest in a table that has an extension leaf to accommodate more people during holidays and gatherings. Many tables that include an extension leaf store the leaf underneath in a convenient space when not in use, so you don't have it cluttering up the room.

Size Matters

In addition to choosing the right shape, you also need to consider the size of the table. Remember that diners at your table are going to need sufficient elbow room while they're eating. It's best practice to allow about two feet or so of space for each diner.

Consider the amount of space you'll have around the table, too. Each diner is going to need space to slide the chair back, and you don't want to have the chairs hitting the wall if you can avoid it. Look for a table that's narrow enough to allow a couple of feet on each side for the chairs to slide back.

Another great thing to consider if you're trying to make the most of the space available to you is to invest in tables that have bench seating. The bench seats are convenient, because they slide under the table when they're not in use. The lack of backing on the benches reduces the amount of space you'll need on either side as well.

Now that you know what to consider as you shop, you'll be able to pick a dining room table that's going to fit well in the room and keep your family and guests comfortable for years to come.