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Furniture Buying Tips For First Time Homeowners: Invest In Pieces That Will Last For Years

If you have bought your first home and you are looking to add some custom high-quality furniture pieces that will look good in the space and feel comfortable, it's important to buy smart. You want to be sure that you spend money on furniture that is going to last -- not cheap furniture that is designed to look good but isn't reliable. Here are things to keep in mind before you spend any money on wood furniture.

Buy Real Hardwood Furniture 

The frame of the furniture and what the structure is composed of is the most important part of choosing high-quality furniture, and you want furniture that is made of real hardwood. You don't want compressed plywood or paperboard that is made to look like wood grain. Invest your money in furniture pieces that are made of real hardwood, so that you know they are structurally durable to handle use and wear, and that they will last for a long time.

Cover What You Can

Protect the upholstery by covering what you can. If you don't often have people over, use slipcovers on the couches and chairs. It's easy to find custom and stretchy options that will go over the pieces with ease, to protect the fabric from:

  • Staining and discoloration
  • Fraying and wearing
  • Rips
  • Odors
  • Pet hair

If you don't love how the covers look, take them off when you know you will be having people over in the space. This can extend the life of your furniture a great deal.

Protect and Spray

There are many types of sprays designed to protect fabrics and materials, and you want to use these regularly and as directed on the cans. You want to preserve your fabrics and the furniture pieces, so coating the fabric with a protective spray can prevent stains from soaking in, and sand or dirt from getting trapped in the cushions.

Before you buy any pieces for your home look to see if there is a warranty that comes with the piece, and to see what the piece is made of. You want to know that the manufacturer of the furniture will stand by the products that they are creating and that you aren't buying something that will warp, chip, or break once you get it home and start using it. Take the time to search for high-quality pieces so you can love the items you fill your home with.